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Thanks Seriously?

All comments from the peanut gallery aside, I have received some valuable information from this post. I gotta say I am leaning toward the .44 Magnum in a "packable" short barrel version. From my first post onward where I mentioned bear, moose, but also Columbine and Aurora it should have been obvious that by Wilderness Intruders I was referring to both the urban and remote wilderness and both two and four legged creatures. However, for the record I reiterate that now. Seems the vote is about even between the 10 mm and the .44 mag. I like the "old school" look of a wheel gun, I shoot left handed and as was pointed out by one wiser than I on this subject, only the first couple of shots are going to count anyway, nobody is going to be able to unload a full magazine into a charging bear. Despite any misinterpretations about my feelings toward the Super Redhawk, I loved firing that beast which is another of the reasons I want my own. So saying, any thoughts there? On a side note, I've downgraded the Ruger to Monster Firearm, I just saw a .50 cal at the Tanner Gun Show, now that mf is a cannon!

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