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Here are a few more, ran through the stock G35 Gen4 (5.3" bbl)

180gr FMJ, 6.2gr AutoComp @ 1.125": 1,035 fps (4 FPS ES!!!)

180gr MG JHP, 8.3gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1,260 fps

180gr MG JHP, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1, 271 fps

165gr Gold Dot, 9.0gr Longshot @ 1. 130": 1,310 fps

155gr Rem JHP, 10.5gr Longshot @ 1.125": 1,408 fps

Not as fast as what I get from the 6" KKM barrel, but good nonetheless. Brass looked okay. Yes there was some Glock belly on the brass, but it happened on all loads, not just the warm Longshot loads.
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