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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
After this long discussion, I'm thinking very seriously about having a Cominolli manual safety installed on one of my G19s. A shop in Texas (Ten Ring Precision) does these installations for $133, including the kit.

Adding the Comnolli safety does not void the Glock warranty. It does not affect the factory Glock safety mechanisms. It operates like a 1911 thumb safety with a distinct tactile sensation when it is snicked off. Having it put on by a gunsmith that is very familiar with the installation is worth the extra cost.

That's my thinking today. 1911 guys will understand why this enhancement to the Glock design makes sense. Maybe my next involvement in a C1 vs.C3 thread will have new insights to share.

Fits all model Glock pistols.
Ergonomically designed and located.
Positive engagement and disengagement.
The safety has no effect on factory function, trigger pull or internal working of your Glock.
With manual safety engaged, all Glock passive safeties are locked in place.
Pistol can be loaded and unloaded with manual safety engaged, thus diminishing the chance of an unintentional discharge.
Long wearing, properly heat treated, stainless steel parts.
Durable flat black tactical finish.
The manufacturers warranty is not voided.
Lifetime warranty on parts and labor to the original customer when installed by Ten-Ring Precision, Inc.
Not sure how I feel about this, bro. I'm personally very disinclined to mess with the internals of my firearm (be it custom triggers, firing pins, connectors, barrels, etc.). I feel if gun was made and tested in certain specific configuration, then when we, non-experts (which includes many gunsmiths), start messing with this configuration bad and unexpected things are likely to happen with gun functioning. I'd err on the side of leaving it stock internally.

But, your desire to put an external safety on a glock is VERY understandable. Perhaps, we can appeal to glock to add this feature to some of its guns, given the # of unintentional discharges you quoted in your recent posts? That should appeal to glock's bottomline imho, given how many new shooters opt for glocks, then have unintentional discharges, and then forever switch to another weapon system...
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