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Originally Posted by tnedator View Post

IMHO, the most important thing is to choose a method and stick with it. If you think C3 is adequate, then let it be adequate whether in Wal-mart or driving through a dangerous neighborhood...

I, like you, fully appreciate the benefits of "consistency". But, I can't agree with the quoted argument. Different levels of threat call for different levels of response.

Think going from White to Red color code. To me the colors can be mapped onto carrying a gun as follows:
(1) Gun is in the safe, locked unloaded (totally safe - White).
(2) Gun is in the holster or by the bed side in C3 (threat is possible - Yellow).
(3) Gun in the holster or by the bed side in C1 (threat is present, its parameters unknown - Orange).
(4) Gun in the hands in low-ready or other pertinent position, shooter behind cover/concealment (lethal threat is definite and clearly identified - Red).

As you see, C1 v. C3 becomes part of a larger threat response framework. Holding c1 v. c3 constant has clear benefits (i.e., consistency), but also has downsides (i.e., reduced flexibility, and thus effectiveness in responding to various threats). You are clearly aware of the benefits, but seem to ignore the downsides.

Just my 0.02!

P.S. I think you and I will never agree on this (given our prior exchanges in this thread). Nevertheless, I want new shooters on this forum to be exposed to a variety of perspectives on this important issue.
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