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Cussing (don't think mf qualifies,sorry),ranting, and mad? Wow, there's a misjudgment. As a matter of fact, thanks for that last post, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. If I hadn't been plowing snow the last 24 hours straight, I would have thanked you sooner. C'mon pard, if you really think you're so important that I'd waste my time and energy being angry with your opinions then you need to get down off that high horse. I'll stick with "cannon" on the Ruger thanks, I think any "not toting big bore guns all my life" person would find it an avid description. Now back to my latest question. What about Taurus? Is the Tracker .44 Magnum any good or would it be better to get a good used more reputable brand?

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