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Racefan, you’re certainly welcome.

I honestly believe that - someday, and in spite of his competitors and rivals frequent criticisms - D.R. Middlebrooks is going to be remembered along with the likes of: Jeff Cooper, Louis Chiodo, Jim Cirillo, and certain others as an outstanding pistolero who has made, both, a significant contribution to, as well as an indelible impression on the way the rest of us handle pistols. (I really mean that!)

The genius of Middlebrooks’, ‘Fist-Fire’ system is that instead of you and I having to train our bodies to, 'overcome' and, 'discipline' our natural physiques and physical impulses, Middlebrooks has discovered how to make the human body’s musculoskeletal system work FOR the shooter, rather than AGAINST him.

Any healthy young adult can discipline his mind and body to work together in order to wield a pistol and hit the target. These feats can be accomplished through a wide variety of different physical approaches; i.e.: ‘Weaver’, ‘Isosceles’, ‘Chapman’, and, ‘Reverse Chapman’ (Which is, of course, one component of the, ‘Fist-Fire’ method of combat pistolcraft.)

We, all, need to remember that pistol shooting, more than many other physical sports, is a volatile physical skill that will, by degree, rapidly decline over time. The real art to pistolcraft is to be able to continue training and, ‘disciplining’ your body to obey your will as you continue to age and get older. (Trust me. Something like Alzheimer's disease aside, if you keep on breathing, sooner or later, increased fatigue and declining physical skill sets are going to become your strongest physical challenges!)

As I’ve aged I’ve discovered that it’s often better to, ‘work’ with my body rather than to continue to attempt to, ‘discipline’ it into doing what I want. THIS is where the, ‘Fist-Fire’ system of pistolcraft shines! All of a sudden your body is working for, rather than against, you; and - regardless of either increased shooting fatigue, or advancing age - riddling a target with bullets remains just that much easier to do.

Whether a person is young like you, or old like me, working WITH your body has to be a whole lot better than attempting to, 'DISCIPLINE' it into obeying your will. Frankly, I think you’ll be very pleased with the choice you’ve just made.

Good luck!

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