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Originally Posted by hockeyrcks9901 View Post
The Windows key has some great functions. Windows+D minimizes all your screens, etc...
Minimize all windows - I do that with the mouse when I need it (rarely).

Maximize window - double-click on its title bar.

Minimize/restore - mouse click.

Dock window - I never do that.

Zoom in/out - scroll wheel.

Lock screen - "three finger salute" and Enter.

Run dialog - Ctrl-Esc Up Up Enter.

Search box - Ctrl-Esc Up Up Up Enter.

Windows Explorer - I don't use it.

Switch monitors - laptops have special function keys for that.

Launch pinned apps - I don't pin apps.

Cycle through gadgets - I don't use gadgets. In fact, I don't even know what they are.

Rotate a picture - I hold my camera horizontally when I take pictures.

So no, I still have no use for the Windows key.
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