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Congratulations on your new Glock. Let me make a few other suggestions concerning your home defense thinking.

#1. take an honest look at your home, where do you feel is the weakest point in your defense? Practice "coming at it" from that point in mind.
#2. If you had to, what would be the furthest point you would have to fire from? Step it off, let's say it comes to (example) 30', that is the distance that you and your Glock will need to be most proficient at.
#3. Because we are taking about a short distance, speed is of the essence here. Make sure your Glock is going to be stored in a place you can get to in under 2 seconds.

Remember the bad guys aren't going to wait until you get prepared to confront them... their counting on the fact that you won't be prepared!

Good luck to you and be safe.

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