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"Tactical". "Tactical"???

Anything can be used "tactically". From Grand-Pa's old Superposed (or Purdy!), to an 870, to Mossberg, to a butcher knife, to whatever.

I hate that _ _ _ _ed term "tactical" almost as much as I hate that _ _ _ _ed term, "shottie"!!!!
("Shottie!" Sounds like junior high school jargon for, "I gotta make my shotgun sound 'so cool', dude!" -or- "I'm frum da hood, an' gotta sound like it, mahn.") Give me a freakin' break. Sheesh.

No, my beloved 870s don't have 20 or 30 round magazines, nor do they have a laser or flashlight hanging off of them.
(And none of them shoot that darned 'Rooskie' round, the 7.62x39!)

Heck, not one of my 870s have a sidesaddle attached to them!!!!

Two of them have extended magazine tubes (+2), and one of them is stuffed full of 00B, for taking care of what may intrude our home, at whatever time - day or night.

At close range. . . . where these shotguns are intended to be used, there isn't anything as devastating. Well, maybe a hand grenade, but, I don't particularly care to use one inside my house. Ha!
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