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Originally Posted by OmarR View Post
So does that mean that in nearly over 70% of married couples, should they divorce, the woman is legally entitled to alimony?
Friends of mine have had to deal with situation like that. Their old ladies would swear up and down that they would leave if they had the money. The dynamic at play here is a married woman has control over 8 paychecks a month. A single woman only 4.

Chicks don't like the thought of living off only their earnings. Heaven forbid, that one would have to go back to apartment living, giving up access to a home.

Women have a thing about not leaving a relationship without having another one locked down.

I've known too many dudes who were put in the extra hours so that their wives could be stay-at-home-moms. Their reward for the sacrifice was another man baby in their wife's belly.
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