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Originally Posted by wrenrj1 View Post
What happened to Danica? 3rd with two laps to go, then suddenly she's dropping back and finishes 8th? Was she on her cell phone or what? Rookie mistake...Saying that, 8th ain't bad. I did think that the celebrity that got the race started was a bit condescending when he said "Drivers and Danica start your engines." If you make the big dance you are a driver period.
Same thing happened to her as happened to Greg Biffle, who went from 2nd to 6ht. Is his a rookie mistake, too?

What I, personally, think happened is they both lifted for just a moment, thinking there was going to be a caution thrown. At Daytona (and Talladega), it only takes that fraction of a second off the gas to drop in the pack.

Never ceases to amaze how many people seem to WANT Patrick to fail....
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