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Originally Posted by HeliGlock View Post
Im with Restless on this one I also was there for Dales Win and it has not been the same sine he got Killed.
It wasn't just that. That was a big event, but the change had begun a few years before that. I live and grew up about 6 or 8 miles for Talladega.

I remember drivers working on cars in the parking lot of the hotel before they could get to the pits on race week. Me and a bud was just discussing this on FB. -- Back when it was all about the win, and little about the advertising. Drivers were not much interested being good corporate spokesmen, but rather more interested in wringing out the last 1/4 HP out of a huge engine. There weren't any multi-million dollar test tunnels and computer programs to test your car, but nothing more a quiet Wednesday afternoon without the crowds and fans, and a man with a HUGE sack that allow him to push a car to the limit of physics and horse power, that limit not yet to be defined by engineers in white coats, thousands of miles from a speedway, but rather set by whether or not the driver made the lap or ended up being cut out of a twisted, destroyed puzzle of steel resting at the end of a high banked turn. Real men driving real cars. Pioneers of the sport, not unlike the actual pioneers of centuries ago, the least among them would be giants among their modern "peers".
Sorry, Okie. I tried, I really did. There are just too many idiots for whom I have little patience. You were a better man than I.

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