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Originally Posted by GoBigOrange View Post
...I wonder why some batches are so bad and others have had no issues.

Simple answer. People run the eqpmt. and some people take their jobs more seriously than others. When you screw the employees in one part of the country and move to another for cheaper labor then only a moron would believe that the co. is interested in good QC. It's all about the money.

That said, on the Walther Forum some poor fella's PPQ .40 S&W literally grenaded with Win. WB. It's a miracle he didn't lose his hand from the photos!!! I've had some squibs in their .357 SIG rds. as well and a primer blowout on a .357 Mag. PDX as well that locked up the gun.

Win. has some very serious issues that only a moron would not acknowledge at this time. Karma?
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