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Originally Posted by T-Rod45 View Post
Yesterday a good friend and his wife who are new to shooting asked if I could meet them at the range with a few of my guns to try out before deciding on their first handgun purchases. They applied for their permits in November and still haven't gotten them, but they have already picked up 2 Ruger 10/22's and a M&P 15. I packed up my G26, G23/19, Kel-Tec P3AT, and my AR. All the range time and ammo was on their dime for the favor of letting them shoot the guns/instruct them. $27.50/hr per person for range time and $24.95/50 of 9mm and .40. I brought 70 rounds of cheap TulAmmo .223 I got for $5/box. The sad part is, I told him I would not be shooting due to the lack/cost of ammo. I drove an hour an a half round trip just to help them out. The total for 1 hour of range time and ammo was about $200... I of course had to fire off 30 rounds from my AR... But this was the first time I went to the range with no intentions of shooting... And that was solely based on the current market conditions.
WOW. Crazy. That's more expensive than auto racing / track time!
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