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I just checked my nw Ranger ammo received:

I got 180 rds of 64gr Ranger Powerpoint RA223R2. The only issue I had was the package had been handled roughly and the ends of some of the styrophoam were pushed down. I was concerned the cartridges would be damaged, but they were stronger than the foam, all are within specs!

Also, they had a recall in 2011, on these rounds. Mine are not effected.

I have not shot any of them, yet, but they look like they'll shoot:

Caliber Corner

In the same shipment, from the same distributor, I purchased fifty 180gr Ranger Bonded JHP RA40B.

They all appear fine, but I have not fired any:

Caliber Corner

About four months ago, I purchased fifty 135gr Ranger JHP Q4368. They, too, look fine, however, I haven't shot any:

Caliber Corner
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