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Originally Posted by Green_Manelishi View Post
Bitterness is a difficult pill to swallow. True, her timing was poor, but I stand by my comment that years of consecutive 60-80 work weeks benefit only your toy collection. I'll wager they had a boat, nice cars, big house, etc. but no family time. I'll also come right out and state that married folks should think twice or even three times before entering LE or the military UNLESS there is agreement and a very high level of maturity and understanding of the job requirements.
You either love someone and want to be with them or you dont.

If you pull the "you are never here...." or any variation of that in order to leave, then you are making it about you. Of course there are details to that and it does cause stress....but everything stresses a relationship. You either stay together or you dont.
In the world to come, each of us will be called to account for all the good things G-d put on earth which we refused to enjoy. ~ The Babylonian Talmud

Whenever you get mad as hell about it all, grab your rifle and head outside. If you are the only one's not time yet

I cross my heart and hope not to die. Swallow evil, ride the sky. Lose myself in a crowded room. You fool, you fool, it will be here soon
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