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Originally Posted by Bluebearbevis View Post
Wise words I appreciate, the wisecracks aren't really necessary however. Scared? Really dude, if I was I wouldn't have shot the Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag. in the first place, that mf is a cannon! I've shot the 22 a million times, the 44 just once. You don't know me from Adam, so don't make any assumptions. I survived my last bear encounter by playing possum, not because I claim to be some kind of bear whisperer.FYI, I'm looking at the Ruger Alaskan for wilderness protection including bear and moose, now can anyone suggest a less expensive alternative without the derogatory comments?
What about the Taurus line? There are a couple of smaller frame .44 magnums available. They seem to be about 1/2 the price of the Ruger or Smith and Wesson. Of course, 1/2 price might mean 1/2 assed, reviews on other sites are all over the target, should I look for a well used one of those instead?

Thanks and have a good day,

P.S. As for feeding the bears, give me a break, I was an 8-12 year old kid at the time. It's my dad you should be admonishing.

Bluebearbevis: FYI, I'm looking at the Ruger Alaskan for wilderness protection including bear and moose, now can anyone suggest a less expensive alternative without the derogatory comments?

Man your anger alone over "nothing," ought to be enough to scare the bears away "dude"...

Your a very touchy fellow pard.
No one here, not even myself, made any "derogatory comments" to you... You still sound to me a tad nervous over the 44 mag. If that makes you mad, you don't need a gun.

Everyone here, including me (several times) has been kind enough to try and help you out. Your real new around here, if ya want to have any friends, I'd advise ya to check your attitude at the door. I call em' as I see em'.

Reading your post, what other conclusion could anyone come to !

That's what I get for tryin to help somone! Make yourself more clear in your post and stop changing your mind back and forth from 'bears and moose:, then ya went to "two legged threat" now we're back to "bears again..." SHeeeesh.

As for you "bear encounter" mentioned here above in your post. I never knew ya had an encounter, and I sure never figured you for a bear whisper ! ha. As for feeding the bears, why didn't you say you were a little kid throwing crumbs out the window? We don't read minds here amigo.

BTW... I still say what I did before: Feeding bears is "one" reason, Just one, that there can be people/bear problems... what's wrong with saying that ! No one is after you pard.

Good greif !

If you think the SBH Ruger was a "cannon", as you called it, wait till you bite into the Alskan... haha. Most of us on this forum have been shooting really big bore hand guns most of our lives. I have, and EDC one on the ranch. We're not new to them, or 10mm's or 357 mag's. You've been given (already) some real good advice, what else do ya want pard?

If the SBH is a cannon to you, as you said it was, (see that makes me think its to much for ya) then get something else. Your the guy over here cussin, and ranting, and mad. All I did was try to help ya out according to what you say and post...

Slow down man you'll get a more harmonious outcome !

Bless ya !
Adios !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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