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Originally Posted by GWG19 View Post
I have a Aim Point PRO, a couple of EOTechs and a couple of Bushnell TRS-25s.
I am running a TRS 25 on a SBR AR15. Low round count but no problems. I am also running one on a M11A1 with Lage Upper on it. It is a FA gun and the TRS25 probably has about 2000 rounds of full auto fire under it. No problems.

The TRS falls into your criteria. No it does not have the battery life or the durability of an AimPoint. But it does cost less than $100.

With all of that said IMO you would be better severed buy a good set of ghost ring sights of your shotgun.
Accurate 100 yard hits are difficult to obtain with GR sights. We where shooting 8 inch balloons at 100 yards with slugs and smooth bore.
I'm also running TRS-25s on a Winchester 1400 semi-auto 12ga slug gun, an AK-47 SBR, and a 9mm carbine. I have nothing but good things to say about the sight. The newer ones don't have the uber stiff dial of the older ones. Battery life is decent and batteries are widely available/cheap 2032 watch batteries.

I like the look of the Lucid H7 and may try one of those on another gun. Thanks for the link, Southpaw.

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