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Originally Posted by railfancwb View Post
Back to the Apollo start of this thread...

The shuttles which took the walkers to the moon surface were actually landed by dropping an anchor and reeling in the cable. At the same time they were unreeling a cable connecting the lander to the Apollo capsule which was in geosynchronous orbit above the landing site. When it was time to return the lander to the Apollo, they simply cranked it back up.

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Look pal, this is MAKE up a fact, not tell the truth about the Apollo missions thread.

You see, I in fact worked for Zebco during the late 50's and early 60's, you know, Zebco, the same company that invented the the devices that cranked the lunar lander down and up.

Although I don't like to brag, I will say that I solved some very unique challenges with respect to the setting the correct drag amount on the cranking devices so as to not compromise the specially created snap swivel connected to the Command Module.

Matter of fact, if it weren't for the Apollo program, I dare say we wouldn't have the stainless steel, ball bearing snap swivels that are so common nowadays.
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