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Originally Posted by DJ Niner View Post
During a range trip a month or so ago, I had a handful of rounds fail to pop-up into feed position in several of my BX-25 mags, and I finally kinda-sorta tracked-down the problem.

Some of you probably won't believe it, though...

Apparently, there is at least one batch of CCI Mini-Mags out there that won't reliably function through a BX-25 mag. I know, I know, I couldn't believe it at first, either. But the same mags fed perfectly with over a dozen other loads, even some cheap-o blasting ammo. After finishing up the other ammo, I loaded-up the last of the Mini-Mags, and the same thing happened again. I tapped the sides/bottom of the mags until the stuck rounds popped-up, and manually fed them into the chamber and shot them up until the mags were empty, then I realized I had used up the last of that ammo, and wouldn't be able to confirm the exact cause of the problem (which made me feel rather "Doh!").

If this happens to anyone else, try a few different loads and see if the problem goes away with different ammo, and comes back if you return to the original load. I'm going to dig through my stash of rimfire ammo, and see if I can come up with a few different lots of CCI Mini-Mag ammo; then when I get some time at the range, I'll try them in several different BX-25 mags.
I have encountered a similar problem with CCI Velocitors in a BX-25 mag, though it seems to function perfectly with CCI Stingers and various 40gr solids. Something about the big, wide-mouth HP bullet on the Velocitor preventing them from moving up into feed position consistently. They seem just too big for the mag in at least one dimension. It's definitely a BX-25 issue, as the Velocitors work perfectly out of the 10-round rotary mag.
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