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Wise words I appreciate, the wisecracks aren't really necessary however. Scared? Really dude, if I was I wouldn't have shot the Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag. in the first place, that mf is a cannon! I've shot the 22 a million times, the 44 just once. You don't know me from Adam, so don't make any assumptions. I survived my last bear encounter by playing possum, not because I claim to be some kind of bear whisperer.
FYI, I'm looking at the Ruger Alaskan for wilderness protection including bear and moose, now can anyone suggest a less expensive alternative without the derogatory comments?

What about the Taurus line? There are a couple of smaller frame .44 magnums available. They seem to be about 1/2 the price of the Ruger or Smith and Wesson. Of course, 1/2 price might mean 1/2 assed, reviews on other sites are all over the target, should I look for a well used one of those instead?

Thanks and have a good day,

P.S. As for feeding the bears, give me a break, I was an 8-12 year old kid at the time. It's my dad you should be admonishing.

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