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Very wise words from CM. Also I would be hesitative to stroke a 10mm auto with heavy 200grain hardcast due to feeding issues in a stock or 3rd party barrels & jams.

The 44magnum revolver 4/6" SW is not big, not overly bad on recoil. And would be my 1st pick and only pick If I truly depend on a handgun and a env with a true potential bear attack. Too many things can go wrong with a semi-auto when you ass is really on the line and you have life or death encounter with a barrel.

limp wrist
dropped magazine

Remember with either one, you are handicap when compared to a med-2-large rifle caliber. So why handi-cap your self even more ?

I will leave you this video

Polar bear but still you get the effect of what your encountering.

or how about this a brown bear and not a real attack

Now what do you think would stop something like that ? would you feel better equipped with?
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