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Originally Posted by Jet Mech View Post
I can't say with any certainty where the highest profit margins are. My point is that the honest gun owning citizens of this country are a very loyal group. I believe we have the powere of numbers if they don't get corrupted by the current government's manipulation. Even Fox news has been reporting that 90% of Americans support universal background checks. We know thats pure BS. I would actually be surprised if 90% of the people agreed on anything.
I believe that Glock needs to show support for us, the average citizen, if they want our loyalty in the future.
Glock knows how STUPID the average American has become. So does everyone but the MORONS themselves. Just look around this forum if you think I'm wrong. Even if Mr' Glock came out and said he was for full registration the vase majority of firearms purchasers would still but Glocks.

When S&W signed Clinton's bill I had many an argument with people that were still buying S&W products. Glocks and S&W are flying off the shelves. I don't think they are too worried about the present situation. Their sales are through the roof.

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