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Originally Posted by AWMP View Post
Was in AZ a few months ago for a course and took a lunch break and we walked into a burger joint only to see 7 or 8 folks open carry, wow was is a shocker not only to see it but to see everyone had no problem with it.
AZ has awesome gun laws! I moved here partly because I believe it is a more free state than the one I moved from. That being said, the entire time I have lived here, I have only seen one person OCing. That was in a Sams Club. I really thought I would see more OCing, especailly in the "rural" county that I live in. I don't OC myself, but I do enjoy having the option if I should want to.

I hope Texas passes the OC law. More freedom is NEVER a bad thing.

In reference to someone walking into a 7-11 to rob it and upon seeing the guy in the back of the store OCing, the robber immediately shooting the OCer to quail the threat: I am guessing that most robbers, who walk into a store and saw a man with a gun in the back, would usually walk their behinds right back out of the store and try again at a better time. Just a guess, but I am thinking......
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