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Originally Posted by Kurly View Post the Cop Forum, Rabbi indicates he's a was he a particle physicist and gave that up to be a cop?

If that is the case, interesting that Rabbi didn't correct you. But smh, I'm not surprised.
I am a physicist who did his graduate work in math. I didnt give up anything to be anything. I have several patents in the aerospace field and I have worked as a venture capitalist, starting and investing in business, most of my adult life. Among many other things I do work part time as a street cop. I also know a number of people here in real life and they know my story. You are late to this party, and that is OK, there is no expectation that you would know such things but it doest make sense for you to use that as a point when you have no clue. Devildog is also a (much better educated that I), physicist who is very well vetted for his graduate work on the LHC at CERN which earned him his PhD from a very prestigious school.

Listen, I am going to try another approach because you are not getting it. No picking or being a prick...just listen because you have missed it. It isnt everyone else, it is you.

Devildog brought up rape. Real rape. He brought it up as hyperbole in the form of a parable.

You used that as a segway to go off on a tangent about womens rape fantasies.

The two are unrelated. You have not been called out because of any flaw in your point(that is another topic). You have been called out because making your point in this thread makes no sense. I.E. "your point is stupid...."

You have not been able to understand this. No one changed or backtracked. Your thoughts and *facts* are not being challenged.

Go back and read it. You did not only fail to understand everyone elses point....but everytime it was explained to you, you started fighting the wrong fight.

You have a chance here to hit the reset button and see where you went off the tracks. Please do so.
In the world to come, each of us will be called to account for all the good things G-d put on earth which we refused to enjoy. ~ The Babylonian Talmud

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