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Ok, so you caught me. I've been an avid Backpacker for 43+ years and from my first encounter in the Great Smokey Mountains (a bear in the shadows looks blue, thus my nickname) to my last encounter in the Tetons (sniffed and ignored) I've never had an issue with bears. Shoot, in the late 60's and early 70's we'd feed them chips and sandwiches out of the station wagon window! Glad that's changed, but I digress. Granted, they were all Black Bears, not Grizzles, but what the hey. So, the handgun is more about protection from other intruders. Sad to say, but when is the first wacko survivalist run amok in the wilderness scenario going to play out? Also is the issue of accuracy. I went shooting the other day with a friend, 18 out of 18 in a 6" target at 20 yrs. with his .22 revolver, 4 of 12 with the .44 mag. Wouldn't 1 round of any caliber in the chest be better than loud noise and whizzing bullets?

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