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I generally start out by thinking about the most difficult to stop critter I might deal with and go from there. I figure anything less can just file a butthurt report form if I shoot them too hard.

For long time my Choice has been a 4" 629, 4" model 58, or 4 5/8 Blackhawk .41 mag. I also have a couple of .45 colts I can load heavy.

Because my "worst" here is likely to be black bear or a meth monkey I may be picking up one of the RIA 1911-type 10mms. I have so many holsters for 1911s it isn't hard to find a comfortable one. I load heavy for the 10s I have, but they are double stacks and when it gets to being that thick, I'd rather have the revolver power than the double stack capacity in the woods.
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