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Well Chute, I don't really expect any positive feedback from you, so thats par for the course. And I definitely appreciate the views and feedback. And yes, it sucks being bald, but I'm sure you're a male model.....anyway, I do have material on dates, relationships, and the internet-the hard part is figuring out what material to actually use on stage.

And if you stopped watching 45 seconds in, how exactly can you gauge if my set was funny? meh, doesn't matter, I don't worry about people like that. I look at this way, at least I'm making an attempt, trying to entertain people obviously since I'm so new, the majority of what I say won't be funny, but no comedian first starting out is as good as they were 5 years later....

And while I do have ************ jokes, I don't think you want that me you don't.
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