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my uncle ezra......

lied about his age to join the navy for WWII. had two ships sank beneath him on the same day. first his ship, then his rescue ship. he floated in a lifejacket for a long time, days if i remember correctly, seeing many of his shipmates killed by sharks.

plank owner on U.S.S. CORAL SEA

taught survival training and self first aid to navy pilots.

retired after 30+ years as a master chief petty officer.

he was almost a doctor in holistic medicine. he had years of study in that field from numerious sources. he helped his backwoods country folk friends, neighbors, and relatives for free. when a real doctor was either unavailable or unaffordable.

he was an athiest, but he knew the bible better than most preachers of his day.

he gave me my first gun. a H&R nine shot .22 revolver. i was eight years old. his teachings on gun safety to this day have made me a very safe gun handler.

he made me a better kid, and a better man.


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