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My father. He was a career Army Officer and when I was 8 years old, he took me to shoot my first gun. It was an M2 50 Cal Machine Gun (thus my avatar). He was always there for me and served his country for 30 years. He fought in three wars, was awarded 3 Bronze Stars and the Soldiers Medal, and retired as a Full Colonel.

In WWII he was a member of the 503rd PIR and made several combat jumps in the Pacific, including the liberation of Corregidor. In the Korean War he served in the Iron Triangle and Bloody Ridge. He also served in Vietnam and commanded a Battalion of self propelled howitzers on the DMZ in Korea during the Pueblo Crisis. They weren't kidding when they called his generation the "greatest generation." It may be corny by today's standards, but he was by far my hero. Then, maybe Captain Kirk.
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