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Yes and no. But mostly no.

I've always sat most of the day, but I got up and made myself active. I stayed in decent shape. Despite being a hundred pounds lighter than my dad (and almost none of that weight being fat), I could lift and move on par with him all day. Hike all day. Resting heart rate in low 60s, typically. When it came to aerobics, my endurance needed improvement, but otherwise I was in pretty decent shape.

The past couple of years has undone that. I was dealing with work and life situations that did not afford me much opportunity to exercise, vitamin deficiency, stress induced adrenal fatigue, and repeated illness. Each individually (although I usually dealt with them simultaneously) left me without the energy to exercise when I made time for it. And I don't mean that I just didn't feel like getting out of the chair. I would start, but I didn't even have the energy to exercise enough to approach exhaustion. I didn't feel out of shape so much as "out of gas". I still looked like I was in shape, but I was not.

I did maintain the minimum standard of flexibility for myself, at least: I've not lost the ability to touch my palms to the floor when bending over, but even with that stretching the lack of exercising hurt my flexibility.

Long story short, I fixed all of that and I'm going to the gym. I hate the gym and I'd rather exercise at home, but my current situation means I'm going to the gym.

My heart has taken the largest toll. I spend my time on the treadmill and the elliptical for now, trying to get my heart back into shape and then I'll worry about the rest of my body, which hasn't suffered as much. My first goal is to be able to pass the state's part time police academy PT test without being winded (It isn't exactly a strenuous test; the 1.5 mile "run" portion has to be completed in a mere 15 minutes). I typically spend only 15 to 20 minutes in the gym, with my intention being to do mile at a time, spending as much time with my heart rate at about 180 beats per minute for as long as I can stand. I can't stand that for nearly as long as I'd like, unfortunately, which combined with boredom and annoyance at being stuck at the gym is why I've been stopping at a mile. But in a few weeks of this I've managed to get my resting heart rate from over 100bpm down to to 70bpm. A little more aerobic work and I'll return to using weights.

So, no, I'm not in shape. But I'm on my way back.
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