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Originally Posted by ChuteTheMall View Post
If weight is an issue for backpacking:

S&W 629 4" weight empty is 41.6 oz, Glock20 is 27.7 oz.

In fact, load 15 +1 rounds into G20 and the fully loaded weight is only 39.7 OZ, which is almost 2 oz LESS than an empty S&W 629 4".

No comparison, the Glock is far lighter. Loaded, or empty.

Thanks for the weight update....! But the 10mm still does NOT carry the horse power of the 44mag, and man it is just not hard to carry a 4" Smith in the mountains horse or no horse ... I used horses and pack mules as a 'former guide', and for personal use as well for almost 4 decades in the rockies and other ruff terrain. Sometimes, as I shared with the OP, afoot. And all carrying a Ruger 44mag 4"+ barrel and 33rds spare ammo on the belt. I never fainted, or wore out or cratered under it... ha.

If he is concered about bear, then forget the 10mm (which I have owned for many years and load for) high caps mean nothing to me in this senerio. The revolver trumps the semi, especially if ya have a bear 'on you'. The 44mag, trumps the 10mm in horse power with 250/300gr Hard Cast bullets.

First two shots is it any way, NO ONE is going to dump a mag load into a charging bear !

Ok, a tad more weight than I figured, but the Ruger Vaquero, and BH, even at 4" + and 5" + are much hevier than that, but I have never once had a concern with them in high country, and even on very steep climbs where the sheep are..

Stay safe !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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