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Originally Posted by Bluebearbevis View Post
Thanks for the input everyone. After further investigation, I am leaning toward one of the Gen4's or a revolver because I am a South Paw. Also, the main purpose for the weapon is to take backpacking where I have to carry everything for a week or so. I don't have a horse or I'd take the 12 ga. and/or 30-30. Except for the Alaskan (short barrel), the 44 mags are to heavy vs. possible use to lug around. What about one of those 45's that shoot 410 shells too?


Richard, there plenty enough times I been afoot, and not ridin, and I assure you, back pack or not, a Smith 4" in 44mag is just not that heavy. Yes it or any gun for that matter can start to feel heavy depending on what your climbing and where your going, but man, I would suggest to forget those litlle 45/410 jobs, and stick with a short barreled 44mag, or a 'good quality' short barreled 45LC and Hard Cast ammo.

I don't worry about bears, and am not saying your worried, but you did display concern here... So if you are concerned, and packin in deep, and staying a while, and cant take a rifle, then I stand on these two suggestions and calibers. 44mag/45LC in a 4" barrel and good cross draw holster, or a shoulder holster. There are plenty of holster options out there, I just threw this out for ya.

A 4" Smith model 629, just flat don't weigh much amigo, even loaded. I am carying a Ruger Vaquero 4 5/8" with about 33 loops on the belt for 44mag/or 45LC and HC bullets. Horse or afoot. I am very used to it, but again, The 4" Smith just dont weigh that much.

I hate to say this because I don't favor it, BUT, If ya just got to have a semi auto, get the G20 10mm and stuff it with 200gr Hard Cast bullets... But you will discover the weight difference between that and a 4" Smith 629 'loaded" is not much difference. I opt for the stronger horse power of the 44mag..

Good luck to ya..

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