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Originally Posted by mr00jimbo View Post
I figure I might, but any particular reason why?
Accuracy for one. They are (to me) a far better home-defense pistol. More weight= less recoil plus a great club to smack an intruger over the noggin with. Second, CZ 75 prices are soaring and not just because of the craze of late. The 75C I purchased new two years ago is selling for $150 more used than what I paid for it new then. Tell you what, if you still feel the trade/sell urge PM me with what you may want for your CZ. If I were you, I would wait for this craze to subside, then if I still wanted a XD, I would go lay me one away and keep my CZ. Just about every gun I have sold or traded to get another gun I have regretted. Only a couple lemons I had are the exception. XDs are decent guns; but not worth trading a good gun to get a decent gun.
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