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If anybody has one or two black leather belt keepers with silver snaps in good shape, I would love to score those. I have some unused no-name nylon pouches I would trade for. I have one for a single set of cuffs, oc, baton, radio holder, double mag pouch that fit sig mags okay, and maybe a couple of other things too. The setup on the pouches has some hook velcro on the inside of the loop that goes around a duty belt. I have the actual belt with velcro lined on the inside of it that came with said pouches. No nylon holster for this rig.

Honestly, this stuff is not super high quality, but it is all new and all i have available to trade. Sorry. It would work great for a dedicated transport belt or an extra belt setup for a day at the range.

Let me know if any interest via PM. Thanks!
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