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Originally Posted by Reyn View Post
Now I understand some people have/had injuries,ailments,age etc.. but outside of that would you consider yourself fit?

I've read on various forums where some people prepare for SHTF scenarios whether its govt.,Catastrophes..whatever. They may have food,ammo,survival gear but couldn't run 100yds without passing out. Soldiers train for it but it seems physical preperation is overlooked in these situations. Opinions?
Throughout elementary, H.S., college and seminary I did hard manual labor which kept me in what some thought was stunning condition. In seminary I had a job w/ a security company where I walked a 1 mile round every half-hour... so that was 16 miles every 8 hours. Not bad. Over the years I've kept myself in decent condition. I weigh 15 lb. more (199 lb.) than when I graduated seminary in 1982 (185 lb).

In 1998 I was catastrophically injured in a fire. It took a long time to get through therapy, etc. One of the hard things was breathing. I very well remember the night I was first able to walk down to the church which was 1/2 mile down the street. Walking back up the hill was a challenge. As soon as I could I started trying to run. I worked up to 6 miles daily. Nowadays I jog a minimum of 45 minutes daily. Often I will do 75 minutes. This is done carrying 10 lb. hand weights. About twice a week I add 5 lb. weights to my ankles. I can take my M-1 Garand and hunt hard through brush, swamp, etc. without getting tire and having to stop for a rest. At age 56 I can work 50-60 hours weekly without any problems. The only problems I have are somewhat high cholesterol levels and a bit of pain in my right ankle and left knee due to injuries playing various sports.

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