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I appreciate the feedback so far. Like I mentioned before, this was only my 2nd performance, frankly if I had nailed it, I would be worried that it was a fluke. I didn't want to do 10 minutes, but I basically had to, because my name was on the flyer for the show. And the entire point of my set was awkward moments, but at the same time make them funny. I agree, the gay husband bit could have been shortened a bit, it's all part of the process, finding out what worked and what didn't.

As far as finding stories people relate to, I sometimes struggle with that, because I'm 25 no kids, never been married, I just don't have a ton of interesting stories.

And yes, 10 minutes is extremely long-it was about 3 pages of material, that I had to memorize, as far as my delivery, it'll hopefully improve with more stage time.
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