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Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
Real life Evel Knievel.
I respect him more now, after reading about his mafia-type, hard-headed, opinionated life (He did that book-writing guy with a baseball bat!)

When we were kids...

We watched, with riveted eyes, on the black-and-white TV....

(I jumped my dirt bike over the neighbors car, with a cinder block and pallet jump ramp, on asphalt, and lived through it... Not by much, I left a tire-mark on the roof. I was a neighborhood hero. Dad paid for the guys roof. I mowed grass and shoveled snow forever to pay for that. I wanted a cape, but never had one.)

(OK... maybe I didn't actually JUMP over the car.... maybe just drove over it, with all the neighborhood kids watching. I think I got some air. Serious, Knievel, air!)

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