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Originally Posted by Kurly View Post
Devildog reponded to my post that rape is wrong, regardless.
As if somehow implying that what I posted constituted an agreement that women want to be raped.

*I* responded stating the difference between what I wrote and what he interpreted (gee, are you and him the same person?). I did not say ANYTHING about rape, but did comment that women have rape fantasies and they prefer to have a dominant man in the bedroom (i.e. rape fantasies).

Your bridge between the two is something that you made, not me. You own that bridge buddy but are now trying to sell it off on someone else.

Nice try at backtracking.
Here we see Devildog talking about actual, real rape.

Originally Posted by Devildog
That's like saying you're a very gentle rapist. It doesn't matter--you're still a rapist.
Here is your response. It is a stupid response, even if true.

Originally Posted by kurly
Please understand my next question from this perspective -- I in no way condone forcing an unwilling adult to do anything. Consensual agreement is paramount in any type of transaction.

But that said, how do you explain that women like to be "taken" in the bedroom....that many have rape "fantasies" and role play with their boyfriends/husbands in that manner as well?

P.S. Take a look at this video from a woman who discounts the double-standard of rape as claimed by women. Using empirical research and cites several studies. It takes a little while for her to get to this point but it's an interesting listen

You are simply disconected.

You cant follow along.

You keep asserting we dont know what we are talking about because we refuse to believe your points. (nope, what you say rings true in some ways)

To be blunt, we were all talking about shoes and you barge in with points about pants. We can talk about pants, but your point here, is stupid.

Real Rape....and you used it to go on a crusade=stupid.

I am just pointing out the context issues. I have not even begun to point out the content issues (see what I bolded in your post, there is no "but...." when it comes to real rape)

I have posted my words, I will stand on them. If you need the last word, go for it. They tend to indict you more than I can.
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