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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
Are you serious? Is it that hard for you?

Let me try this one more time.

Real rape was put on the table (by Devildog, in response to slavery)

You used that to prove some point about womens fantisies.

Your point is stupid here, even if your information rings true.
Devildog reponded to my post that rape is wrong, regardless.
As if somehow implying that what I posted constituted an agreement that women want to be raped.

*I* responded stating the difference between what I wrote and what he interpreted (gee, are you and him the same person?). I did not say ANYTHING about rape, but did comment that women have rape fantasies and they prefer to have a dominant man in the bedroom (i.e. rape fantasies).

Your bridge between the two is something that you made, not me. You own that bridge buddy but are now trying to sell it off on someone else.

Nice try at backtracking.
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