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Originally Posted by Kurly View Post
OMG, I never said they wanted to be raped you dolt! Look, if you can't even bother to read something and analyze it before responding with what you THINK someone said, then there's no point in continuing discussing this with you.

You're so far off from what I SAID, versus what you THINK I said, that it's pathetic. Someone else made the comment about rape. I said all women like to be taken in the bedroom (the links I provided show that women prefer a man to be dominant in the bedroom) and that many have rape fantasies with a partner they trust.

Is that clear enough? If not, go back and read through these posts instead of continuing a failed position that your original premise of what you THINK I said is correct. Because clearly, you're wrong. And the facts (the previous posts) outline that clearly.
Are you serious? Is it that hard for you?

Let me try this one more time.

Real rape was put on the table (by Devildog, in response to slavery)

You used that to prove some point about womens fantisies.

Your point is stupid here, even if your information rings true.
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