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Originally Posted by Kurly View Post
No dancing, but whatever. I take it you didn't even bother to click the link that I so easily provided you or listened or read any of the other links I've provided in my first post.

Stay ignorant my friend...
Lets try this one more time.

Do you think that, in general, women want to be raped? No matter how that happens, to actually be raped?

It is a yes or no answer. I am pretty sure you will say no.

Real rape, be it in the form of hyperbole, was put on the table in this thread. You, trying to prove whatever point you are trying to make about womens stupid, even if your information is reasonably true.

You seem to have a disconect between the core issues of what is going on here.

Had you started a thread about "Women who fantasies about it rought..." or whatever, (of allowed, and it wouldnt be here), given your information so far probably would have been somewhat able to garner a consenus. Plowing that point into this thread, after Devildogs statement, is random, non sequitur and flat out stupid.

You can keep on doubling down or you can realize just what the hell you did.

Good luck.
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