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Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
It's becoming clearer by the post why. HH
Oh....what a retort! LOL.

Yeah, I own the mistake I made. I married a woman who I *thought* I knew, but didn't. I got out before it got even uglier. She wanted someone with means and who would cater to her wishes and her wishes only. It was an expensive lesson. But after doing a lot more research into the subject, I've discovered that I am by no means alone in the hypocrisy of feminism, marriage and the unhappiness that women have brought upon themselves due to the destruction of marriage.

Would you say that the over 70% of women who initiate divorce proceedings are 'victims'? When men and women cheat at almost the same rate? Where DV is predominantly initiated by the woman? Where a simple allegation is enough to destroy the husband? Where 90% of the time, the woman gains custody of the children? All because she was "unhappy" or "unfulfilled" in the marriage?

Listen to the Youtube video by the woman that I posted or any of her other postings. She references numerous studies that support her premise. Oh, and by the way, she's happily married and has a child too. She's just seen the ramifications of feminism and how it's destroyed marriage and why many men are opting out of the game.

You just might learn something instead of perpetuating your own beliefs.
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