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Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
Being Hallal or Kosher is COTUS protected. Being a Nazi prick isn't. HH
Not to be argumentative, as you and I probably agree on the prick, but yes, in a way it is.

There is not issue at all with the bigot, he has nothing to do with the problem per se...the question is whether the hospital has violated HER rights ( or even more accurately 'harmed her) by honoring his request. Was the woman filing a lawsuit in anyway harmed by the hospital honoring his request?

If the hospital honored his request by choice, there is no violation of anyone's rights, nor is that in any way part of the issue in the lawsuit.

The only question unanswered is whether or not the woman filing for " distress, harassment and humiliation" was wronged. That will be determined in court, not by constitutional law, but by civil law.
Sorry, Okie. I tried, I really did. There are just too many idiots for whom I have little patience. You were a better man than I.

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