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We started out with an XDm .45 because my wife liked it and wanted something with a large capacity and bigger than a 9mm or .40 on the nightstand.

We both took to it better than our Glock 22 and it shot far better for both of us.

A couple of months ago she came home with an XDs and a used XD Tactical .40. Both of them are just great and we spend time arguing over which one is who's gun. For striker fired poly guns the triggers are not bad and neither of us are bothered by the grip safety at all. I don't know much about the tacticals or the history of my used one, but it has the nicest trigger. I have shot older SA autos that weren't as nice. It has become easily my favorite, out of 4, platform to shoot the .40 out of.

The XD series is favorite around here
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