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Originally Posted by vart View Post
Or maybe it's just the people in my current location...

Driving to work this morning, there is a heavy fog with about 300' of visibility for about 15 miles of my trip.

It's a 4-lane highway with a 65mph speed limit.

Back where I grew up in Idaho, whenever there was the occasional winter/spring fog in the morning, people turned on their headlights.

Duh; that's common sense. Occasionally you would see a single car go by without headlights on and you would flash the person to turn their lights on.

This morning, fully half or more of the cars didn't have any lights on...

Really?! Now, does that mean that people are dumber than they were 15 years ago when I drove in fog in Idaho, or are people in Arizona dumber than people in Idaho?
I can one up you this afternoon. Was on my way to work around 1. Driving on a four lane divided road with a speed limit of 45 when some ******* comes flying by doing about 50. Keep in mind there's a good three inches of snow on the road and in skidding around doing about 25. Watched the guy spin out and stop in the ditch. I laughed and kept driving. Am I an *******? Possibly. But he deserved it.

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