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I love Glocks and 1911's, that being said, the XD's are the best of both worlds FOR ME. I have small hands, and looking at the G21 and G30, they were just too fat in my hand. A friend suggested that I look at the XDm45, and with the adjustable backstraps, it felt really good in my hands. I also had a chance to rent and shoot one, and it shot very well for me. I really don't understand the issue with the grip safeties. I shot IPSC with a 1911, and never heard anyone with a 1911 have a stoppage because their grip safety failed. I now use it for my nightstand weapon. I put on Tru Glo TFO's, and a Streamlight, and that's it. The only issue I have is trying to get a holster for it, it seems no one makes one for a XD with a light. I'm sure it would be easier to find one for a G21 w/light on it. I also bought a XD45C for carrying. Again, the grip is slimmer, the slide is thinner, and it holds 10 rds with a 13rd mag and a sleeve. Really nice setup. On that weapon, I put on TFO's, And a rubberized grip decal. That's it. If you are looking at the G30S and have smaller hands, look at the XD45C. The XDm45C, for some reason has a 9rd mag, but it comes with a 13rd mag with a sleeve on it. I do love my XD's.
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