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My grandfather.

He let me sit on his lap and drive his tractor.

During the depression when the government passed a law making private ownership of gold illegal with the order that all must be turned over to the government, he gave them the finger instead.
Near the end of the depression he used his small hoard of gold coins to buy real-estate around town and a couple of outlying farms.
This elevated my father's family into prosperity.

In the early 60's he built a cool home on one piece of semi-rural property.
Soon thereafter Colonial Pipeline acquired a right-of-way by eminent domain to construct a gas pipeline and the route ran across the lower portion of that property.
When they arrived with trucks and bulldozers at the edge of his land my grandfather took his 12-gauge and climbed onto his tractor to drive down through the woods to greet them.

He got off several shots before the sheriff arrived to discuss the matter.
They had known each other for years...
The sheriff ordered my grandfather to cease and desist.
The next day, same thing all over again.

My grandfather took the matter to court and won.
Seems he had never registered the deed to the property, which is not legally required to do. Since he paid cash (gained in exchange for gold years earlier) he still held the deed.
A registered deed held by the county instead of the property-owner is the legal basis for a writ of eminent domain...

Colonial Pipeline quietly re-routed their pipeline around my grandfather's property.

You can see it today on Google Earth..
That 50-foot-wide cut through the trees, making a huge "U" at one point.
June 28, 2012: the day the American republic died.

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