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They are a good gun, and run reliable. Pretty good trigger. The grip safety either makes a lot of sense or else gets a why's that needed response, but doesn't
bother me when shooting.

My wife has the XD 9mm, service size.

I compare it to my Glock 17 g4. I like the Glock better, and prefer the Glock trigger. I prefer a gradual build up of pressure on a trigger. The way the Glock trigger does it helps me with a surprise break. I also think the Glock slide feels a little less top heavy in the rolling of the recoil. Maybe the 19 is the better comparison to the XD9 based on barrel length, but the 17 is the same size based on grip length. I prefer the squareness of the Glock slide for easier racking. The grip safety does sometimes make me readjust when racking an empty gun, kinda quirky then, but not a problem for reloads while shooting.

But those are really small comparisons and a matter of preference, perhaps more based on what I'm used to.

If no Glocks, I'd consider an XD as my gun.

The biggest drawback is IDPA puts the Glock in the easier division than the XD, so a shooter will be less likely to make each title grade with the XD. That's dumb, but how they do it because the XD is considered single action and the Glock is considered double action.

I joined the NRA, have you yet?

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