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How far does it go?

I know there's a lot of information here on GT...ammo data tables, etc...but I couldn't find what I'm looking for using the "search" please direct me to the right thread(s).

I was asked by a non-shooter "how far does the bullet what distance will it not hurt someone?" (i.e., pierce the skin). She was concerned about safety of outdoor shooting (probably inspired by Joe Biden's recent suggestions...)

I know...I could dust off my dynamics textbook, calculate distance when velocity=0 given a specific muzzle velocity, drop distance due to gravity, etc, but...I know there must be data (published by the manufacturers?)...and I suspect it's here on GT.

  • 9mm 115gr FMJ
  • fired at height of 5 feet off the ground
  • axis of gun parallel to ground
  • no obstructions, ground absolutely level
  1. how far will the bullet travel before it hits the ground?
  2. what is minimum velocity for bodily injury? (i.e., pierce bare skin)
  3. what is distance for (2)?
Bonus question:
  • if you fire same round straight up in the air, what is the velocity of the bullet when it comes down and strikes the ground? (hopefully not someone's head)
Thanks for the help!
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